The Effects of Pornography on Real Life


Is pornography really harmless as so many people think? I mean, come on, it’s just having a good time spicing things up. Perhaps you’re even a Christian and you think, “What’s the big deal. I don’t look at the hardcore stuff, so nobody’s gonna say anything.” Continue reading

Talking to Kids about the Birds and the Bees without Destroying their Innocence (Japan)


Remember that movie What About Bob? with the super-controlling dad who was trying to teach his son how to dive and the anger he felt when Bob came along and did a better job? I really feel this is the boat a lot of Christians are in when it comes to talking to their kids about sex. Continue reading

Child Pornography is Rampant in Japan


Japan has done a brilliant job of maintaining a squeaky-clean image to the world in spite of its past sins. Looking at articles about Japan today, you would be completely stumped that such a wonderful, loving people could have enslaved vast numbers of women to sex slavery. Make no mistake, Japan has a dark side that is now destroying it’s own population. Continue reading