Why You Should Embrace Your Accent


There’s a sad lie going around in this world that only some accents are worthy of the top. Everything else needs to be hidden, padded down, and cleaned up to sound more “presentable” to the outside world. When I first started learning Japanese, I really, really tried to hide my American accent as much as possible. I wanted to sound like a native so badly, but do you know what?

Native speakers are totally overrated.

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The Drive to Grandma’s House in Japan Takes Forever


It’s a 96 kilometer (59 miles)┬ádrive from where we live to grandma’s house here in Japan. Back in the States, my grandma’s house was about the same distance at 93 kilometers (58 miles); however, while I could get to my grandma’s house in just a little over an hour, (Thank you 55 mph speed limit!) here in Japan, the same distance takes me over 2 hours! Behold, the 37 mph speed limit–even on the main road! Continue reading

Why You Shouldn’t Just Leave the TV On with Kids Around (Japan)


Did you ever wonder about the effects the TV has on your kids mind? Do all those flashing images actually affect them? Or are all those conspiracy theorists just making stuff up to scare you again? In a world that is slowly deteriorating, I would strongly advise you to reconsider your television-viewing habits, especially when kids are in the room. Continue reading

Tips to Raise Your Bicultural Kids in English and Japanese


Bilingualism is all the rage right now and it would seem like every mother’s son is out there learning English as a second, third, or fourth language. (You get the idea.) Well, it can be easy to get caught up in the competition and forget that you are raising real human beings with their own dreams, aspirations, and ideas.

Here are some tips for moms out there who are hitting a rut with teaching English and Japanese to their kids. Continue reading