Our Mission

Our Mission: 

The salvation of Japanese people

Less than 1% of Japanese people have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

To partake in a great Revival among Japanese Christians

Many Christians in Japan, foreigners included, have become complacent in their faith. Japan is known as a “missionary graveyard” and many converts are known for blatant mixing of Japanese paganism with the gospel to accommodate “culture.”

To encourage the Body of Christ living in Japan

Never has there been a more critical time for the battle-weary living here on the front lines of Japan to be encouraged and praised for their hard work!

To help end abortion in Japan

Let us pray for the end of the shedding of innocent blood in Japan and around the world.

To stop the exploitation of children in Japan

Japan is famous for it’s blatant child pornography. The law was recently changed but it hasn’t stopped people from harming vulnerable children. Let us pray for and be part of the rescue of the helpless!