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May 2018

Japanese 100-yen shop slapped with fine, 2-year import ban in Taiwan – Mainichi (This is Daiso, people! Watch out!)

Air duct corrosion, holes found at 7 nuclear plants in Japan – Mainichi (Can we just put an end to nuclear energy on an island that is expecting a giant quake in the near future?)

Luminescent mushrooms light up forest in Amami-Oshima – Asahi (How cool is that?)

Survey: Japanese female journalists report sexual misconduct – Asahi (Not surprising at all!)

Nihon University head coach quits and apologizes over dirty play – Asahi (American Football in Japan)

Bamboo forest in Kyoto ‘crying’ due to graffiti carved on trees – Asahi (Come on, people! Have some respect!)

Cabinet decision declares there is no such thing as ‘criminal sexual harassment’ – Mainichi (It’s crazy, but they’re serious!)

U.S. cites Japan for noncompliance with Hague treaty on cross-border parental child abductions – Japan Times

3 more people to sue state over sterilizations under eugenics law – Mainichi

Older Articles – Random

Sapporo woman fought for ‘diverse society’ in call to abolish eugenics law 24 years ago