Note: These are sites that I visit and find helpful. As always, before accepting anything as the truth, we must think for ourselves, and pray to God for protection and guidance. I do not 100% agree with all thoughts and ideas promoted by these sites. Please take EVERYTHING to the Lord in prayer and ask if what you are seeing is true.

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My Favorite Websites: (Warning: GRAPHIC CONTENT at first click) (Warning: Occasionally has disturbing pictures) (Warning: Occasional graphic content) (Not for the faint of heart!)  (Freedom from demonic oppression. Click “Free Training Courses” on the right hand sidebar.) Get educated about the filth out there and then fight back!

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Dr. Michael Brown (Messianic Jew)

Franklin Graham (Son of Billy Graham)

Crissy Outlaw (Just started following. Former porn star.)

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Christian Issues:

Disaster Preparedness (One of the best out there):

Pornography Blocker (Great articles too!):

Answers on Masturbation: Dr. Brown Speaks with Larry Tomczak about Sexual Purity

Humanae Vitae: (Click here for my compiled quotes from this.)

The Abortive Side to The Pill:

Catholic Theologian, Anthony Zimmerman, who lived in Japan as a missionary until his death. Very helpful insights on the abortion issue in Japan:

My Favorite Food Sites: