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July 30th, 2017



Praise the Lord! The gospel is being preached through the dictionary definition of this word!

2nd Dictionary Definition:(ここでデジタル大辞泉の引用を利用したいです

Translation: (from the place Jesus was crucified) The sign of the cross that symbolizes Christianity. It symbolizes the atonement sacrifice, victory over death and sin, and suffering. From early on this has been an object of worship. Cross. Cross.

The last part gets it wrong by saying the cross itself is an object of worship, but the fact that it symbolizes atonement and victory over death and sin is there! Praise God! May the word be preached all the more to usher in God’s Kingdom here on earth!

July 29th, 2017


御使い(みつかい)/ 天使(てんし)

For whatever reason, all 3 versions of the Bible–Japanese Living Bible, The New Japanese Bible, The Interconfessional Version–all use “Tsukai” to talk about Angels, even though when I look it up in the dictionary, it is associated with Buddhist and Shintoist gods.

2nd Definition in dictionary:(ここでデジタル大辞泉の引用を利用したいです

Tenshi is the more common word used in conversation.

1st Definition in dictionary: (ここでデジタル大辞泉の引用を利用したいです

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