The Two Faces of Japan: Overview


I plan to make this a multi-part series investigating the double-minded nature of Japanese culture to help explain how so many good-natured people who come here get so caught up in the shape-shifting mechanisms of Japanese culture that they wind up haphazardly standing for evil. Continue reading

Abortion in Japan: Finding the Real Numbers


Abortion is not a pleasant subject to talk about, but for the sake of the blood of the innocent, we must talk about it. While this is hotly debated back in the States, it doesn’t often come up in conversation here in Japan. As such, for me, the whole issue here screams one thing: massive cover up. Continue reading

Child Pornography is Rampant in Japan


Japan has done a brilliant job of maintaining a squeaky-clean image to the world in spite of its past sins. Looking at articles about Japan today, you would be completely stumped that such a wonderful, loving people could have enslaved vast numbers of women to sex slavery. Make no mistake, Japan has a dark side that is now destroying it’s own population. Continue reading