5 Reasons You Should Wear an Apron in Japan and Everywhere


I’ve always loved aprons. I remember trips to grandma’s house to make cookies for the holidays always involved wearing the cute little aprons she had on hand. There’s just something special about aprons. They are super easy to make, so if you have time, you should make one! With minimal sewing skills you can finish it easy peasy in an afternoon (with toddlers running around, it might take longer). Here in Japan it is common to see Japanese housewives and kindergarten teachers wearing these lovely things for a quick trip to the grocery store; I love that! Continue reading

The Drive to Grandma’s House in Japan Takes Forever


It’s a 96 kilometer (59 miles) drive from where we live to grandma’s house here in Japan. Back in the States, my grandma’s house was about the same distance at 93 kilometers (58 miles); however, while I could get to my grandma’s house in just a little over an hour, (Thank you 55 mph speed limit!) here in Japan, the same distance takes me over 2 hours! Behold, the 37 mph speed limit–even on the main road! Continue reading

An Open Letter to Kanto Drivers in Japan


Yes, I’m talking to you Kanto drivers. The ones who for the past four years have loved to tailgate, run red lights, and swing out in front of me without warning. Don’t you think it’s about high time you learned how to drive correctly? Just because the police didn’t pull you over when you ran that red light for the 100th time, doesn’t mean that it’s safe. I have learned early on here that green doesn’t mean go, but rather look, look, look! Why should I have to stop for 4 seconds, and frantically look all around before I go forward, when the light is green, people!?!? Continue reading