Why You Should Use Polite Speech with Japanese In-Laws


balance-pixabayThis can be a tough one if you are just starting out learning Japanese, but there are plenty of reasons why you should make that extra effort to speak to your in-laws using the less familiar style of Japanese. Continue reading

Some Things to Make Your Home Happier in Japan and Everywhere


Here is a list of things that has helped my international marriage survive the blaze of the toddler years. It’s not always easy, but for those of us with faith in God, we will make it through no matter what the outcome!

Put God First

Make time with God a priority. The Bible says to seek Him and his Kingdom first and then all of those other things you’re worrying about will fall into place. Whenever I have been in trouble in my life, God has always been there to pull me through, but I had┬áto earnestly seek him in those times! Continue reading

No Pokemon Please


Confession Time. I grew up in the Pokemon Craze Generation. Everyone I knew, Christian or not, was playing/watching Pokemon. I used to have piles of those Pokemon cards too. Pokemon was seriously one of the best memories from childhood. Growing up in a stressful environment, Pokemon was a means of escaping to an exciting world–a world where I was in control of what was happening around me. Continue reading

The Importance of Learning your Husband’s Language (Japanese)

ring-pixabayAlright, alright. I can see ya’ll staring at me. Japanese is HARD. Make that really hard and after all, isn’t English the lingua franca right now? Spanish was easier, so maybe we’ll just make our kids bilingual in Spanish and English? Why should I have to make that extra effort, when we’ll probably be moving back to my home country eventually anyway? Continue reading