The End Result of Part-Time Christians in Japan


They’re seen everywhere these days, Bible in hand on their way to church with a confidence about them that one can’t quite describe. They look happy. They make great pewwarmers and look especially good for pictures for the church website. You’ve been working in Japan for so long and now you’ve made your big break: a church full of these followers. You happily report back to base with the numbers and they can’t believe it! This is Japan, right?!? Ah, yes, but you, you are the exception. You’ve got a church full of people to prove it. Continue reading

Why There Are Less Japanese Christians Than You Think


If you define “Christian” as a person who “follows Christ,” you will findĀ that more Japanese than you might think are willing to do this. I remember vividly a conversation with a pastor hereĀ about how it is not hard to get Japanese people to “accept Christ.” The problem is getting them to stay. According to him, most Japanese Christians leave the church within a year after their conversion. Continue reading