Homeschooling Using The Noah Plan®


I’ve been looking up various methods of homeschooling for my girls and have been completely overwhelmed with the sheer amount of options out there! Families today are truly blessed to have such a wide array of curriculum to choose from!

My search for great textbooks quickly brought me to Cathy Duffy’s review site and I looked over the content there for a few days. She is a curriculum specialist and her site has tons of information on all the great curriculum to be found out there. The site is easy to navigate and I would highly encourage others who are considering homeschooling to check it out.

I was looking for a “total package” curriculum–something that I could use throughout all grade levels and possibly combine across all ages if necessary. I eventually wound up at, the home of The Noah Plan curriculum, and was very impressed by what I saw. I love the idea of incorporating the Bible into each and every school subject, emphasizing the classics, and recording everything one learns in a notebook–unconventional, yet inspiring. I’ve really been loving pretty much everything I see so far and would love to hear from other moms out there who are using the material currently.

Apparently, children, who study using the Principal Approach® found in The Noah Plan, have a more Christian worldview than their peers. I was absolutely shocked to see that most kids (almost 90%) who go to Christian schools have a secular worldview and definitely not a Biblical one. Can you believe it? No wonder American is going to the pits. The Bible has taken a back seat.

Since our girls are being raised multiculturaly, I’m not for sure how I’ll be able to include Japan in this particular curriculum, since it’s mainly for Americans. I guess that’s half the fun of it all, right? I’ve still got over a year of planning before I actually have to break out the books, but it’s better to get things done in advance to prevent yourself from getting massive burnout. Every curriculum has a learning curve, so I’d like to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Lots of love to all the other homeschooling moms out there! We can do it!!!

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