Prayer for Japan: The Sexually Confused


There are many famous LGBT people in Japan who frequently appear on television and various other forms of media throughout the country. My heart is greatly moved by the suffering that is often found in this group of people. As I write this tears come to my eyes thinking about all the pain they carry in their deepest inner-most selves.

God is a comforter. God is a healer of broken hearts. May they discover true freedom found only in the saving blood of Jesus Christ.

Dear God,

We pray for the sexually confused here in Japan. People like Akihiro Miwa, people like Kenichi Mikawa, people like Ai Haruna, people like Matsuko Deluxe… Your beautiful creations, God! You made them and love them so much! So many people look up to these people and are affected by their lives and decisions. We pray that they–and others lost like they are–would turn from their life of sin and find the true peace and freedom that is found only in your Son Jesus Christ. God, have mercy on the broken.

In Jesus Name we pray,



Back in 2012, while watching the Red & White Year-end Song Festival, I was greatly moved by the song by Akihiro Miwa called “Yoitomake Song.” There is a great review in English of this song written here. It was so refreshing to see a meaningful song amongst the awful “gya, gya, gya,” as my father-in-law likes to say.

Mr. Miwa is usually dressed up in his long yellow hair, so I was shocked to see him with a short, jet-black cut. He is a truly incredible performer! It’s such a terrible waste to have him promoting the lifestyle he does. May God have mercy on him and open his eyes! We need these talented people working for God’s kingdom to win souls for Christ!


2 thoughts on “Prayer for Japan: The Sexually Confused

  1. Bonsai July 16, 2017 / 12:03 am

    I have often said to my husband that culture is a man made system. It deems this or that as acceptable and the one who does not agree becomes wrong. And if any culture can deem anything as good then potentially everything can be good somewhere at sometime and there would no longer be a scale but everything would be in fact good. We cannot define good and it must come from a higher place.

    I learned from my cultural addiction to Japan that I would accept things I never would have tolerated before because the Japanese who were so clever and smart accepted them– child idolization/sexulization for example.

    Loving a person who lives a gay lifestyle is what we are commanded to do according to Jesus. Accepting them as human beings is what we must do. Accepting the lifestyle is another matter. To say this out loud is brave and I am glad you wrote this post.

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    • Tasida July 17, 2017 / 1:34 am

      Thank you for your thoughts!


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