5 Reasons You Should Wear an Apron in Japan and Everywhere


I’ve always loved aprons. I remember trips to grandma’s house to make cookies for the holidays always involved wearing the cute little aprons she had on hand. There’s just something special about aprons. They are super easy to make, so if you have time, you should make one! With minimal sewing skills you can finish it easy peasy in an afternoon (with toddlers running around, it might take longer). Here in Japan it is common to see Japanese housewives and kindergarten teachers wearing these lovely things for a quick trip to the grocery store; I love that!

Seeing how much I love aprons, I thought I would compile a list of why  you should wear one–maybe not to the grocery store, but at least around the house.

Aprons Represent Service

Remember the days when all women used to wear an apron? I was looking up photos for this blog post and a whole bunch of vintage pictures of women in aprons showed up. Where, oh where have all the aprons gone, ladies? I think this seriously shows a big difference between the attitude of the older generation vs. the current generation: a willingness to serve. It used to be common knowledge that a woman was a “homemaker.” Now, you can be scolded for using such “bigoted language.” There’s nothing like an apron to show a heart that is willing to serve the family and make the home a better place.

Aprons Show You’re Ready to Get Down to Business

Yes, you got that right. When mom puts her apron on, you can be sure that housework is going to get done. Dust and dirt will be eradicated; laundry will be diminished; dishes will be sunk! You get the picture. You can even let your kids join in on the fun by making them a matching apron to yours! Maybe it’s all in my head, but I always seem to get more done when I wear mine. That apron has a great way of sending that clear message that you are ready to rock n roll to get stuff done. Don’t just play the part, look the part.

Aprons Keep You Clean

This might seem like an obvious one, but aprons seriously protect your clothes from getting dirty. Oil stains are one of the most tedious stains to get out, but they can be almost completely avoided if you are wearing an apron. Never let that french fry ruin your expensive blouse again! It wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t mention how awful bleach can be too. Bleach can ruin your perfectly good clothes fast. Why not try one of the long-sleeved aprons they’ve got over here in Japan to keep your precious garments safe!

Aprons Are Useful

Add a few pockets to your apron and you’ve got a great spot to put all the little stuff your toddlers spilled all over the floor. Pockets for a spatula can be great if you’re doing barbecue! Don’t forget that men look great in aprons too. Service goes both ways, right? Also, if your kids have taken your drying rag for the 100th time, aprons make a great substitute in a pinch. Your kids can’t take the apron if you’re wearing it!

Aprons Are Attractive

Always save the best for last. We’ve seen it time and again here in Japan with these ever-so-popular maid cafes: men love the servant-look. I, for one, think such places are a horrible exploitation of young, vulnerable girls and usually a front for prostitution, but that’s another blog post… Back to my main point, aprons can be very, very attractive–a few frills here, a little lace there. Has your husband been complaining about your yoga pants? Try wearing a pretty apron around the house to brighten your wardrobe and boost your self-esteem. I can’t help but thinking that the Proverbs 31 woman that everybody loves to talk about was probably wearing an apron too considering all the stuff she had to do in a day.

I hope this post provided you with some motivation to wear an apron, (if you weren’t already) and gave you a new appreciation for this seriously underrated garment.

2 thoughts on “5 Reasons You Should Wear an Apron in Japan and Everywhere

  1. Bonsai July 16, 2017 / 12:04 am

    Right now I don’t have one and I want one once more!


    • Tasida July 17, 2017 / 1:31 am

      That’s what I was hoping people would think!


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