Poem: An Asian Housewife


An Asian Housewife

Where is she with long black hair

and apron ’round the waist?

The glory of the East was she

and the envy of the West.

She suffered long for family’s sake.

The pillar of the home indeed.


I can’t find her among the youth

with their phones and short skirts.

What happened to her strength

and the beauty of her modesty?

Her grace and charm are wasted

on the generation that forgot.


Oh, please, oh please where is she?

Please tell me where she went!

For she is greatly needed

and missed by all who remember.

Has she perhaps grown old now

with no one left who cares?


A fine reward for all her work

when she can do no more.

Arise, you selfish generation

and give her please her due.

She built the pleasures you have,

so give her back all she deserves.

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