Please Stop Commenting on How White My Kids Are (Japan)


It happened again. Someone saw my face, a white Caucasian mother, and then looked at my kids, half Japanese, half American, and they immediately said, “Oh, they’re so white!” Then they smirked. Then they walked away. Well, the fact of the matter is my kids are not so white that it has to be commented on every. single. time. If these words were sincere, maybe I could stomach it, but 9.9/10 it’s said with bad intentions to create a wall that I just can’t seem to climb over.

I have literally had mothers whose children are maybe 3 shades lighter than my kids say, “Oh you’re kids are so white. That’s great!” This, my friends, is what envy does to us: we become blind. One of my sisters has kids who are very white, so I can understand why people would say that to her kids, but my kids? No way! Standard shade all the way.

Oh Japan, when will you learn to be content with the beauty you were given? You’ve been given so much! Why do you all have to spend billions on skin whiteners to look like something you’re not? Wouldn’t it serve us all better to accept the beautiful differences we are born with?

The Bible teaches “Thou shalt not covet” and boy, do people need this teaching now more than ever. Everybody is looking over the fence to see what their neighbor has, but a rose by any other color will still smell just as sweet! Many of the precious conversations we get in life from strangers are brief, so let’s not choose words that seek to hammer down the differences we see. (The nail that sticks up gets hammered down, as they love to say.) Let’s put an end to this ridiculous passive aggressiveness once and for all and create a new, confident, and truly loving Japan that embraces all people.

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