An Open Letter to Kanto Drivers in Japan


Yes, I’m talking to you Kanto drivers. The ones who for the past four years have loved to tailgate, run red lights, and swing out in front of me without warning. Don’t you think it’s about high time you learned how to drive correctly? Just because the police didn’t pull you over when you ran that red light for the 100th time, doesn’t mean that it’s safe. I have learned early on here that green doesn’t mean go, but rather look, look, look! Why should I have to stop for 4 seconds, and frantically look all around before I go forward, when the light is green, people!?!?

Please, I know it might seem useless to you, but can we stop at stop signs? They are there for a reason. Especially when the other person has the right of way going down a backstreet. I shouldn’t have to drive 10km an hour just to make sure you’re not going to sideswipe me.

The time has come to remember the rules of the road.

  • You’re supposed to count “one thousand, two thousand” to keep a safe distance between you and the car in front of you.
  • Red lights are red for a reason. Stop already!
  • I know you hate waiting. So do I! But when it’s my turn to turn, wait your turn!
  • Please stop tailgating me when I’m already going fast enough and the other lane is open.
  • Please stop barreling down the highway at speeds that would make the Batmobile jealous.
  • If you can’t see ahead of you, SLOW DOWN!

And to the lovely woman who almost hit me as I was pulling into my parking lot, can we at least have some manners? Is it too much to ask for people to at least bow their heads and apologize?

God keep us all safe as we are out there driving today and everyday.

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