Question: Homeschooling in Japan in General


My kids are still small, so it’s not quite time to start homeschooling, but I would really like to homeschool them if at all possible. There is a lot of information out there–a lot! I’m not for sure where to start, but I was hoping that if I post this (kind of like an SOS) that someone will see it and offer some advice.

I have decided that since I was educated in English, I will teach my kids in English using the American system. Even though my kids are bi-cultural, I really don’t have the confidence to teach them in Japanese at the higher levels. I would be really interested to know if there are other moms out there who have managed to successfully raise bilinguals to be fluent in both English and Japanese in Japan through homeschooling.

I’m also unsure of how to go about getting materials. There are plenty of Japanese textbooks over here, but I don’t even know where to start for ordering English books. The library has a good selection of English reading materials, so I’m starting there, but textbooks?

My parents were not consistent in homeschooling at all, so I am determined not to make the same mistakes. There’s got to be a way to keep track of kids’ progress without being too obsessive. There’s an endless list of things to keep track of. It looks like school supplies are a lot more expensive here too, so I’ll definitely be watching the budget!

I will be writing periodically on this homeschooling journey and look forward to hearing from others who have been there and done that.

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