Prayer for Japan: You Are Not Alone


For all of you moms out there living in Japan, rest assured: you are not alone. For all of you who gave up all of your friends and family to be here to support your husband, for all of you who struggle to fit in because you always stand out, for all of you who wonder if you’re the only one who cries and cries: you are not alone.

God is training you.

Japan is one of the best places you can be for high-level spiritual training. It is a minefield of demonic strongholds and hidden wickedness, but God has not forgotten Japan. He loves Japanese people. You are here among the lost of Japan as a shining light.

Don’t let your light be snuffed out by the high-anxiety that plagues this country. Don’t give in to the pleasures that lurk around every corner. Give yourself fully to God. Devote yourself to him and he will surely deliver you.

May God save Japan and may God bless you for the sacrifices you have made!

In Jesus’ Name,


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