Is Japan Really Safe?


The short answer to this question would be: No.

I was listening to an English learning program on NHK radio the other day and heard the following conversation:

Japanese Woman: So Julie, what do you like about Japan?

Julie: I love how clean and safe it is. I also love Japanese food.

Japanese Woman: Oooooh, that’s wonderful!

I can’t remember the dialogue exactly, but basically, this is systematic brainwashing at its finest. Ladies and gentleman, Japan is no longer safe. In all honesty, I don’t believe Japan was ever safe in the first place.

In a country like Japan, you have to watch out for what is real vs. what is said to be real. I remember watching the dialogue between the Olympic Committee and Prime Minister Abe when Japan was competing for the 2020 Olympics spot and he boldly and without hesitation told them, “The situation [in Fukushima] is under control.” Wow. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Just ask the people still displaced after the disaster how they feel and I’m sure they will not agree. Some say 80,000 people are still displaced, but I have seen the real number easily go over 100,000. Think about it for a moment, how would you like to be treated this way by your own country? How would you like to just disappear from the statistics because your existence is inconvenient?

I thought this nuclear engineer said it well:

“If people of Abe’s stature repeat something often enough, it becomes accepted as the truth.”

How often this lie of safety has been told!

If you are living in Japan and think you are safe, I would advise you to think again.

Never ever rely on what you are told about safety from the government here. All you have to do is read the horror stories from these young girls on the trains who are groped, (Most of which go unreported, mind you.) horror stories of rape that officers refuse to report, horror stories of children murdered on their way home from school, and worse…

I was watching a Japanese TV show where they were talking about the murder of this poor Vietnamese girl and I was disgusted at the coldness of the people discussing it. One of the people had the nerve to insult the father’s Japanese speaking ability. Japan has changed a lot–for the worse–since I first came here 12 years ago.

It is astounding how rude people have become just in the last 10 years. Everybody is suspicious of everybody. Most people don’t even greet you. We get the occasional smile when we go out as a family, but for the most part, people give us jealous, angry looks of malice. I sometimes wonder if the introduction of smart phones into the world definitely is playing a part in this rapid decline of morality and rapid increase of demonic possession around the world. People have easy, fast access to pornography and people of all kinds are downloading it. In Japan it is an expectation that men are watching it and watch it they do–to their detriment.

Would you feel safe around someone who watched hardcore pornography with BDSM themes or worse in their downtime? Have you not noticed that many of these people who commit heinous crimes are very friendly? Now more than ever, we live in a world where discernment is crucial. Look around you. Pay attention. Don’t be paranoid, but be smart.

Whether or not Japan was safe in the first place is open to argument, but what cannot be denied is that we are living in a very different world now. Anyone can see that. Now more than ever draw close to God and pray for discernment. God is coming to judge the wicked very soon. Until then, may we continue to spread the message of repentance to a lost world!

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